From Italy to you!

There are countless sorts of marble of which most of us only know a few by name. Different countries have their special marble and all of them are unique. The most sought after marble comes from Italy and many know of the famous 'Carrara marble' that comes from, yes, Carrara district in north west of Italy. Since roughly 200 B.C marble has been extracted here and since, exports all over the world continue to grow. Carrara marble especially popular around the world, mainly comes from four different mountains; Valle di Misseglia, Valle di Torrano, Valle di Bettizano and Valle di Colonnata.

There is no better way to determine quality and to make sure that the best marble is selected. Therefore we keep close contact with our Italian suppliers and regularly visit them ensure this process.

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Italian Marble

To ensure highest available quality and selection of marble, we keep close relationship to our suppliers in Italy. This also allows us to individually hand-pick especially good cuts of specific types of marble that we are interested in.

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Marble finish & surface treatment

A cut of marble can be polished in many different ways, although one things is rather clear among enthusiasts in the field. That is that a honed (mate surface) finish of the marble will enhance the characteristics of the stone and for this reason we usually adapt to this treatment. For protection of the marble we also apply specially adapted sealer before delivery in order to ensure protection from wetness and potential dirt.

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